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Basic Starter Kit with Triple Vitamin Liquids


  • Triple Vitamin Liquids 3 bottle set ( Bond, Base / Top Coat, Activator)
  • .25oz jar of clear
  •  .250z jar of dip powder ( you pick the color you want just put it in the notes at checkout.)

Triple Vitamin products encourage healthy nails. The Triple Vitamin Dip Powder Liquid system includes: Step 1 – Keratin Bond The Triple Vitamin Keratin Bond prepares the nail surface to ensure all layers of dipping powder adhere to the nail and add nourishment. Step 2 – Fast Drying Base Coat The Triple Vitamin Base Coat is used before adding a layer of dipping powder. It used with each layer to create an even and long lasting coat. Step 3 – Activator The Triple Vitamin Activator is used to harden the powder and seal in all the previous layers so the nail can be filed and buffed prior to the top coat. Step 4 – Top Coat

** ( I personally do not use or sell the top coat because I have trouble with it cracking) I use the base coat as the top coat  and have had no cracking issues at all and the shine is still amazing!. 

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